Time 2 Shine Quick Detailer - 16 oz

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Quick Detailer - 16oz

Our silica- based quick detailer is different when compared to others on the market. One spray will go a long way- seriously, less is more! This bottle is 16 ounces, so it will last a long time. Apply with a Detail Towel (Red microfiber) and follow up with a Blue Drying towel. This is a great tool to have at the ready for quick touch-ups or wipe downs, especially when in a time crunch at shows. The silica gives it a boost of shine, enhancing the gloss. Safe to use on ceramic coatings.

We welcome you to this brand new line of products handpicked by the shiny gods and given the tears of approval from the crew at Time 2 Shine. Hours of research were poured into these phenomenal products and a whole lotta TLC- Truck Lovin’ Comraderie! These were specifically curated with seasoned polishers, weekend warriors, and even the EVERY MAN in mind. If you somehow manage to find something with better results, that’s because we can’t get deliveries from other planets- we feel that dang good about this new release!!