Take Pride in What You Drive.

We truly believe that when you look good on the road, you feel good. We pride ourselves on testing every design on our own trucks before releasing them to the market. We want to ensure that the part works as intended: easy to install, durable, efficient, and lasts on drivers trucks for the long haul. Our products are built for drivers that care.

Introducing our Fiberglass Half Fenders

Shift Products is where form meets function. Our goal is to develop functional parts that also look good. We do this because the biggest show is always on the road. Throughout our development process, we think of innovative ways to make work trucks look great. Each and every part we create here at Shift Products does not only have to look great...

Kenworth Rear Double-Face Watermelon Air Cleaner Bars

Our much anticipated Air Cleaner Bar is here. A one-piece double-face air cleaner bar designed to fit your 15" breathers on your Kenworth W900.

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