Rebel Grease Release Hand Cleaner

Rebel Grease Release Hand Cleaner

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Rebel Grease Release Hand Cleaner

What Is Rebel Grease Release Hand Cleaner?

Rebel Grease Release is a biodegradable, non-toxic, industrial-strength hand cleaner that is engineered in-house at Renegade. Combining natural ingredients, ultra-fine pumice particles and moisturizing agents in a water-based formula allows Grease Release to thoroughly hydrate, clean, and exfoliate the skin.

This product was designed to address the needs of hands-on individuals looking to clean their hands after an honest day's work. Rebel Grease Release has become a top product in auto and bike shops, with off-road and high-performance enthusiasts, and even in oil fields, offering workers clean hands despite a lack of water on location.

Grease Release swiftly removes the most difficult dirt, grease, grime, glue, tar, oil, & adhesive residues from your skin while moisturizing and hydrating your skin before leaving them with a fresh, citrus aroma. 

Pro tip:

Rebel Grease Release is also safe to use on your face, for the simple reason that it is an all-natural product.

How To Use Rebel Grease Release Hand Cleaner:

Step 1

Shake well to evenly distribute the pumice particles in the liquid (this is important as the pumice particles tend to settle at the bottom of the bottle).

Step 2

Apply Grease Release onto hands and scrub thoroughly.

Step 3

Wipe off hands with a dry towel or rinse off with water.