Peterbilt Watermelon Air Cleaner Light Bars, Front (15")

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Our Peterbilt Watermelon Air Cleaner Bars offer our customers the choice of a 1, 3, or 5 LED design for this product. Our Watermelon air cleaner bars come equipped with United Pacific-branded LED Watermelon Lights which you can choose between the standard Watermelon LEDs, or GLO Watermelon LEDs. These watermelon air cleaner bars come with three different components that include the front cover, United Pacific watermelon LEDS and the mounting bracket. All combined to give you a fresh and stylish appearance to complete the look of your Peterbilt. 


These Watermelon air cleaner bars are specifically made for a Peterbilt build and are designed for a 15” Donaldson air cleaner. Our brackets are unique from the rest because we use a hexagonal shape as an insert, so that the bolt does not have the ability to spin out. The LED chrome rings are hidden as well giving it a clean look. We ensure our edges are completed with a rounded curled edge to establish a clean finish. 


6 months for the watermelon LED's. Customer will supply photos of defective LED's and will pay for shipping costs.

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