Peterbilt Glo Beam Air Cleaner Light Bar, Rear (13")

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15" Donaldson Air Cleaner


The Glo-Beam Air Cleaner Bars are available in both stainless steel and aluminum. Our air cleaner bars are created with 304 grade, 16-gauge stainless steel and our aluminum air cleaner bars allow for easy customization with your paint of choice. We offer 2 different sizes that correspond with the Donaldson style Air Cleaners. Giving you a choice between light-bars that fit a 13″ Air Cleaner or a 15″ air cleaner. Our brackets are unique from the rest because we use a hexagonal shape as an insert, so that the bolt does not have the ability to spin out. At Shift we ensure our edges are completed with a rounded curled edge to establish a clean finish.  


Our Glo-Beam Air Cleaner Bars offer you a clean and smooth look for your truck. These air cleaner bars are created to be located at the front of the truck next to the air cleaner and give off a strong and powerful glow that shine forward.  


No need to completely remove any bolts, our air cleaner bars allow you to only loosen the bolts and function under a sliding mechanism. Without the hassle of moving your air filter, this process allows for a quick and easy set up. The United Pacific LED lights that we use are accompanied by a three-wire set-up which consist of your low, your high/bright and can be used as a functioning turn signal. Our Glo-Beam Air cleaner bars are sold as a pair and offer an array of light options consisting of Amber Amber (Amber Lens/Amber LED) or Clear Amber (Clear Lens/Amber LED) for the front and Red Red (Red Lens/Red LED) or Clear Red (Clear Lens/Red LED) for the rear. 


Lifetime warranty for the LED light bars. Customer will supply photos of defective LED's and will pay for shipping costs.