Peterbilt Backlit Air Cleaner Light Bar, Rear (15")

Peterbilt Backlit Air Cleaner Light Bar, Rear (15")

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US $290.00
Air Cleaner Size:
15" Premium Donaldson Air Cleaner. Will not fit 15" Donaldson with outside bolt-on lid.
22.35" x 3.22" x 1.4"


The front and rear breather lights are made up of three different components including the front cover, 2 United Pacific 9” LED Bars on each side and the mounting bracket. All combined to give you a fresh look when being lit up. Our new 2-piece design is protected from any possible rocks or debris. 


Backlit Air Cleaner Light Bars shine the light back on to the air cleaner which reflects the light forward. This gives you a clean and smooth look during the day and the cool look of breather lights as night. We offer 2 different sizes of the Donaldson-style Air Cleaners having your choice between light-bars that fit a 13″ Air Cleaner or a 15″ Air Cleaner. Our brackets are unique from the rest because we use a hexagonal shape as an insert, so that the bolt does not have the ability to spin out. At Shift we ensure our edges are completed with a rounded curled edge to establish a clean finish.  

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    Pete 389 air cleaner lights

    Posted by Travis on Sep 10, 2023

    Junk! Leds burn out in no time and been replaced once already. Burn out again. Dont waste your time or money.

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    Shift breather lights

    Posted by Jace Stubbs on Nov 7, 2022

    Love the look they are clean and easy to install.