Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kit

Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kit

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US $192.95

The Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kits has everything you need to restore your rig and give it a show-quality shine. This kit will help you remove scratches and swirls while working to restore your polished metal surfaces. If you are passionate about keeping your rig shiny and in the best shape possible, Team Renegade has the kit for you. Simply put, you might be putting thousands of miles in on the road, but this kit will help keep your rig from showing it.

Designed for:

  • Big Rigs / Semi Trucks / Heavy Duty Vehicles 


  • Brings shine back to metal surfaces and components
  • Lessens the appearance of swirls and scratches on metal surfaces

Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kit Includes:

 What sander is best for metal polishing? 

We recommend two different sanders that you can use with your sanding process before going into your metal polishing with buffing wheels & buffing compound. One is corded and is great quality and the other is a cordless for those that have a little extra budget and want the added convenience. Both are fantastic quality and work with our sanding discs. 

1. Corded Orbital sander - Makita 5" Orbital Sander $ 89

2. Cordless Orbital Sander - Milwaukee Cordless Orbital Sander $ 117.99 

What Polisher/Grinder Goes best with these buffing wheels? 

MAKITA 9237C- The best 3,500 RPM polishing machine (PROS & BEGINNERS) 

MAKITA GA7021 - The best 6,000 RPM polishing machine (PROS) 

Do you need to wear a respirator when metal polishing? 

Yes it is strongly recommended and even suggested it should be required to wear a respirator when polishing. We strongly recommend this respirator as it offers great protection and is affordable. You can buy it HERE its only $ 99 and it will PROTECT you! 

BEST Full Face Respirator for metal polishing $ 99