Kenworth Backlit Air Cleaner Light Bar, Front (15")

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Kenworth W900L, W900B
Sold as a pair


The front breather lights are made up of two different components including the bracket and 1 United Pacific 12” LED Bar and the mounting bracket. All combined to give you a fresh look when being lit up. Our new 1-piece design is protected from any possible rocks or debris. These breather lights shine onto the air cleaner allowing the light to reflect back. 


This one-piece design is the freshest way to spice up your Kenworth. The bracket acts as a shield that protects the lights from any possible rocks or debris. These breather lights are compatible with a Kenworth W900L and fit a 15” Donaldson-style Air Cleaner. These backlit air cleaner bars come equipped with one 12” light bar on either side that come in Amber/Amber and Clear Amber. At Shift we ensure our edges are completed with a rounded curled edge to establish a clean finish. These Kenworth Breather lights are sold as a pair and the LED light bulbs come with lifetime warranty. 


No need to completely remove any bolts, our air cleaner bars allow you to only loosen the bolts and function under a sliding mechanism. Without the hassle of moving your air filter, this process allows for a quick and easy set up. The United Pacific LED lights that we use are accompanied by a three-wire set- up which consist of your low, your high/bright and can be used as a functioning turn signal.


10 years for the LED light bars. Customer will supply photos of defective LED's and will pay for shipping costs.