Evan's Purple Compound Bar

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MUST READ Full disclaimer!!!! Show Polishing Compound will not take something rough and turn it into show quality. Show Polishing Compounds are for touching up aluminum that is already in good or really good condition. Furthermore you will find that these compounds will not work on metal that is in rough condition or not so decent shape. If your truck is in rough shape my best recommendation would be to polish it a few times with our regular compounds before going down this route.

Compound descriptions

Found here is every variety of Polishing Compound that Evan uses at shows on nice trucks. Regardless of what you are working on- aluminum or stainless steel- we've got you covered. We've waded through all the unnecessary ones to bring you just the best of the best.

For the absolute best possible shine, try our Premium Finish Purple bar!

Personal recommended uses are as follows:

The Show Brown Rouge pairs well with the Yellow buff. The Show Green Rouge pairs well with the 40 ply loose dommet flannel or the 20 ply centerplated loose flannel at 1800 rpm. The purple is similar to the green in how you use it. And lastly the Yellow works well in small amounts and with a purple buff at higher speeds on stainless.