7" Curved Exhaust Stack (36" Length)

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7" Curved Exhaust Stack (36" Length)

The DynaFlex Exhaust Stacks provide a seamless appearance with shine that withstands the test of time, because nothing looks sweeter than some chromed-out semi truck exhaust pipes on a Big Rig. Exhaust stacks are more than just bright, shining stacks of chrome capable of bringing a tear to your eye; they can also aid in the performance of your truck—and that is a beautiful thing. This boost in performance from Exhaust stacks is subtle by slightly improving fuel efficiency and engine performance but still more than making up for its cost in the long run.


7 Inch Expanded/Slotted End Curved Stack

Details / Specifications

  • Expanded/Slotted End Curved Stack
  • 7 Inch ID
  • 36 Inches


  • Sold Each


  • Fits Most Makes and Models

Manufacturer Warranty

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