Wicked Alumag Aggressive Metal Polish

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Wicked Alumag Aggressive Metal Polish

Alumag Metal Polish

Got a tough cleaning job? Alumag Metal Polish has got your back.

This classic is the no. 1 aluminum cleaner/polish on the market for a reason – it’s got wicked fierce cutting action that polishes all your bright metal, including stainless steel, to a blazing mirror shine.


1. Make sure the surface is clean

2. Shake Well - This is key for this powerfule formula to give you awesome results.

3. Apply Wicked Alumag to the non-abrasive microfiber applicator and wipe onto the surface. As the liquid starts turning black, Wicken Alumag is working removing all the tarnish, contaminants, and build-up from the surface.

4. Buff off the residue using a clean cotton terry cloth.