Under Frame Light Brackets (Watermelon)

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This universal light made up of 3 components which includes a 304-grade stainless steel bracket, a United pacific watermelon LED light and mounting hardware will complete the look of your truck wherever you choose to put it.


 Our Under Frame light bracket is the cleanest looking under glow in the market that will easily meet your expectations. We sell these under frame light brackets in 4 piece kits. Trux Dual Revolution LEDs and Grand General glass lens LED's can be used as alternatives. 


Our Under Frame light bracket is universal fit, capable of being situated anywhere you wish on your truck. With our clamp style installation, these underframe light brackets do not require any holes to be drilled into the frame. All you need to do is complete the two-bolt process to lock in your light before lighting up the roads.


6 months for the watermelon LED's. Customer will supply photos of defective LED's and will pay for shipping costs.

Please note:

This product currently does not work on double-frames.