Kenworth Billet Turn Signal

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“A Kenworth Essential”

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Made of chromed billet aluminum, our Billet Turn Signal was created as an aftermarket light that replaces the basic stock of a Kenworth LED turn signal. Our objective was to add a unique, head turning product to the front of your Kenworth’s fenders. Our semi truck turn signals are made with billet chromed aluminum and chrome plating overtop and come equipped with two United Pacific Dual Function LED bulbs.


 Our billet turn signal has become a necessity to finish off the look of your Kenworth. The bracket of our turn signal, is exclusive and one of a kind as it mimics the look of a Kenworth logo. The Billet Turn Signal is compatible for a Kenworth W900, W900L and a W900B.


6 months for the watermelon LED's. Customer will supply photos of defective LED's and will pay for shipping costs.


The billet turn signals are located on the front fender of a Kenworth and function by using your stock bolts on your turn signals.